Video for ICIAMTV 2019

【About Our Researches:
Presenting video for ICIAM 2019 in Valencia, Spain】

Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS),Meiji University is presenting video to introduce our researches to overseas audience.

  • MIMS Director Hiroshi Matano
  • MIMS Fellow Masakazu Akiyama
    Mathematical model. Mathematical analysis, mathematical biology, developmental biology etc.
  • MIMS Research Fellow Aya Abe
    3D Origami Printer, Origami Engineering, CAE, Folding Mechanism
  • MIMS Fellow Nobuhiko J. Suematsu
    Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formed by Collective Motion of Micro-Organisms, A Group Motion of Inanimate Self-Driven Particles, Stochastic Resonance in Coupled System of Axon
  • MIMS Fellow Elliott Ginder
    Applied Mathematics, Interfacial motion, shape optimization, approximation

・・・and the other researchers of MIMS.

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