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MIMS Fellow, Kokichi SUGIHARA received a prize at “The 1st illusion contest”

At “The 1st illusion contest” organized by the Japanese Psychonomic Society, MIMS (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences) Fellow, Professor Kokichi SUGIHARA received a prize for his work, “Magnet-like four slopes (なんでも吸引4方向すべり台)”. The awarded works were shown and the prize giving ceremony was held in the 28th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Psychonomic Society at Japan Women’s University on 5th December 2009.

This contest was organized for the first time featuring the original works (still images / animations) with “Illusions”. Not only effectiveness of the “Illusions”, but academic and artistic qualities are important criteria for the selection. In the result, SUGIHARA’s work was selected as one of the best 10 of 53 entries.

His selected work is a solid model with “Illusion” that a ball rolls down the slide from 4 directions to the center but it looks as if it climbed up the slope by rolling. He focused on a physical phenomenon like a ball rolls down slope by gravity. His work also received “Hagura Award”, one of the jury’s special awards in the contest. The solid model was displayed on the exhibition “Welcome to the world of impossible solids!” held at Gallery ZERO in Ikuta Library, Meiji University from 8th to 26th November 2009.


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