Message from the Director

MIMS and Interdisciplinary Research

The Director of MIMS, Hiroshi Matano

April 2019
The Director of MIMS
Hiroshi Matano

 In April, 2019, I was appointed as Director of Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS). I am the fourth director of this institute, preceded by Prof. Masayasu Mimura, the founding director, Prof. Ichiro Hagiwara, and Prof. Kokichi Sugihara, in chronological order.

 Since its foundation in 2007, MIMS has been taking an active role in interdisciplinary research that connects mathematics and real-world problems. MIMS is now widely known as one of the main research centers of mathematical sciences in the country, and it is receiving growing recognition from overseas. All this has been made possible by the enthusiasm and unremitting effort of people who have supported this institute, including notably the founding director Professor Mimura.

 In 2005, for the purpose of promoting world-class research and of broadly distributing research results to society, Meiji University set up a new office called “Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties”. MIMS was created as the first research institution attached to this office. Since then MIMS has played a core role in a number of major programs that are funded by the Japanese government.

 More specifically, in 2008, a program proposed by Meiji University entitled “Formation and Development of Mathematical Sciences Based on Modeling and Analysis” was accepted by the Japanese government (MEXT) as a Global COE Program, and MIMS took the central role in running this program for five years. In 2013, following the end of the above COE program, a unit called “Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications (CMMA)” was set up in MIMS, and in 2014, MIMS/CMMA was approved officially by the government (MEXT) as a “Joint Research / Usage Center” for five years. This is the official name for a research center that provides nation-wide public services to promote joint research. In the field of Mathematics / Mathematical Sciences, it was the third governmental approval in this category, preceded only by Kyoto University (RIMS) and Kyushu University (IMI).

 MIMS is also taking a leading role in another highly competitive government-aided program called “Private University Research Branding Project”, which I will not discuss in detail here.

 The number of research and administrative staff who work exclusively for MIMS is rather small, but if semi-affiliated members whose home institutions are outside of MIMS are included, the overall size is considerably larger. In addition to the director and three deputy directors, there are 25 fellows and around 90 MIMS researchers. The academic background of those members is quite diverse; mathematical sciences form a large part, but there are also people from biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, informatics and other areas. When I moved to MIMS from another university, I was particularly impressed by the fact that people from different disciplines are working together to support MIMS to fulfill its ultimate goal: to promote interdisciplinary research that connects mathematics and real-world problems, and to distribute the research results widely to society.

 In the present era of a rapidly changing world, interdisciplinary research is becoming more and more important than ever. MIMS wishes to remain an efficient hub for interdisciplinary research, by widening its collaboration with other institutions. All of you are welcome to visit us and join our activities at MIMS.

Greeting of retirement:

Research Fellow Kokichi Sugihara

April 2019
The former Director for MIMS
Kokichi Sugihara

 It is my great pleasure to have served as the MIMS Director from April 2017 to March 2019 in continuation with the first director Masayasu Mimura and the second director Ichiro Hagiwara. In this period, we have carried out three main missions, the development of the study of Mathematical Modeling and Applications, the management of MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications, and the development of researches for MEXT Private University Research Branding Program “Meiji University Doing Mathematical Sciences”. As a new trial, we started Mimura Prize in Mathematical Modeling and Applications, and selected two distinguished researchers as the prize winners in each year of 2017 and 2018. MIMS is a small institute but should carry out many events. I express my sincere thanks to MIMS fellows, MIMS research fellows, and MIMS administration office stuffs for their strong support, without which I could not have done my duty as the director. Finally, I hope new director Hiroshi Matano will take strong readership to develop MIMS activities more than before.

Greeting of retirement:

Research Fellow Masayasu Mimura

May 30, 2015
The first Director for MIMS
Masayasu Mimura

 I thank you cordially for your continued support.

 Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences (MIMS) was approved as Joint Usage/Research Center by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in April of 2014. I appreciate deeply your instruction and cooperation for our satisfactory activities for the last 1 year. By the way, I had served as the director of MIMS for 8 years in total that are 2007 (MIMS establishment),2008-2012 (Global COE program by MEXT),and 2013-2014 (Joint Usage/Research Center). I think carefully that the diversity of our organization is necessary for the further progress of MIMS, and so I determined to retire from the director in March of 2015. Here, I would like to express our gratitude to everyone for the support. From now on, I will support the new director as vice director. Please continue your support for MIMS.

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