Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences

MIMS Becomes the First Meiji University Organization Approved as a MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center (from FY2014)

Updated March 19, 2018

What’s New

March 19, 2018
Mini-Symposium on MIMS Joint Research Project for Mathematical Science"Fundamental Mechanism for generation and breakdown of Spiral Pattern" (3/19, 2018)
March 16, 2018
CMMA Monthly Seminar, Speaker : Shota Enomoto (Meiji University) "Stability for compressible fluid in an infinite layer" (3/22, 2018)
March 3, 2018
MIMS/CMMA Mini Workshop (No.001) "Mathematial Analysis of Spatial and Evolutionary Epidemiology" (3/28, 2018)
February 23, 2018
CMMA Colloquium (No.032), Speaker : Yoichiro MORI (University of Minnesota) "The mathematics of ionic homeostasis, osmosis and cell movement" (3/2, 2018)
February 13, 2018
Cafe Seminar "Large time behavior of the solution to the compressible Navier-Stokes equations": Speaker Shota Enomoto (2/14, 2018)
February 4, 2018
23th MIMS/CMMA Seminar on Self–Organization "Viral Dark Matter: Mathematical Aspects" Speaker: Robert Sinclair (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, OIST)(2/10, 2018)
February 2, 2018
4th MIMS/CMMA Lecture Series : Speaker Prof. Henri Berestycki (EHESS, PSL University, Paris) "Predators-prey model with competition" -Emergence of territoriality and packs in animal behavior- (2018, 2/16)
January 29, 2018
Cafe Seminar "Modeling of farmers and hunter-gatherers in the Neolithic transition of Europe": Speaker Kabir Muhammad Humayun (1/31, 2018)
January 16, 2018
【Closed】 MIMS Research Promoter Positions for FY2018 are open.(Deadline: to 6th February 2018)
December 25, 2017
CMMA Monthly Seminar, Speaker : Hiroshi Matano (Meiji University, The University of Tokyo) "Front propagation in nonlinear diffusion equations on the hyperbolic space" (1/25, 2018)
December 20, 2017
"International Conference 2017 on Mathematical Modeling and Applications Based on Self-Organization(ICMMA2017)" 7 Excellent Posters were awarded (12/11-13, 2017)
December 12, 2017
2017 MIMS Mimura Award ceremony and lectures (in Japanese), Award winners: Yasumasa Nishiura (Tohoku University) "Mathematics of Patterns", Atsushi Mochizuki (RIKEN) "Structural theories for determining dynamical behaviors of biological network systems" (12/22, 2017)


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