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MIMS Fellow, Kokichi SUGIHARA on TV-Asahi program “Sakiccho (さきっちょ☆)” (on 13th July)


MIMS Fellow, Kokichi SUGIHARA, Professor of Organisation for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Property, Meiji University, appears on the TV program of TV-Asahi “Sakiccho (さきっちょ☆)”.

Date: Tuesday, 13th July 2010
Time: from 25:21 (to be broadcasted for 30 minutes)
Program Name: “Sakiccho (さきっちょ☆)”
Program Content: Interview with Professor SUGIHARA as award winner at the Illusion Contest, Introduction of his Illusionology works, and more.

 - Professor SUGIHARA’s HP:
 - His research video “IMPOSSIBLE SOLIDS”

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