International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Applications [ICMMA 2013]

“Invitation for a poster presentation [ICMMA 2013]”

Dear colleagues;
 It is our great pleasure to announce about an international conference in Meiji University,  International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Applications (ICMMA) 2013,  to be held in Tokyo (Japan), on Nov. 26 – 28, 2013.

 We are looking for students and professionals to present posters on the international conference.


“International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Applications 2013”

  Date: Nov. 26 (Tuesday) – 28 (Thursday), 2013
       * Poster session: Nov. 27 (Wednesday), 2013

  Site: Meiji University, Nakano campus, 6th Floor (Tokyo, Japan)


 MIMS (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences)
 CMMA (Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications)

  Mathematical modeling is a powerful approach to understanding the mechanisms of complicated real world phenomena in nature, in brain and in human society. This conference offers an opportunity for researchers in mathematics and those in real world phenomena to exchange experiences and ideas for further development of mathematical modeling methodology and for applying it to better human life.

Program Structure:
  The conference consists of oral presentations, poster presentations and a party.  The registration fee is not necessary except for the party.  The oral presentations will be composed of invited talks.  The poster presentations will be composed of submitted papers.  The whole day of 27th will be assigned to the poster session, and the author of a poster has a chance to give his/her 1-minute oral presentation early in that morning.  Poster prizes will be given to outstanding presentations by young researchers at the party in the evening of 27th.

Application method to poster presentation
  Please submit the following application form by e-mail.
  E-mail to: suematsu[at]  (Please replace <at> with @.)
  Dead line: Nov. 12, 2013

Application form for poster presentation

[Please write in English]
Name: ___________________
Affiliation: _______________
Position: _________________ (PD, M1, D2, Assistant Prof. etc.)
E-mail: __________________
Party*:  Attend  /  Absent
Poster award**: I hope to be reviewed  /  I don’t hope to be reviewed  /  I am over 40

*  The party will be held after poster session.
   Fee for party: 4,000 JPY (2,500 JPY for students)
** The poster awards are geared toward young researchers (under 40 at Apr. 1st, 2014) including students.

Title: ____________________
Author(s) name (Affiliation): ________________
Research field: ________________
Abstract (shorter than 100 words): _____________
* Position of the poster is automatically determined depending on the order of the entry.


Sincerely yours


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