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July 4, 2024
[Registration starts] ICMMA 2024: International Conference on "Self-organization in Life and Matter" Registration for participation and poster presentation (9/9-11, 2024)
June 18, 2024
CMMA Colloquium (No.050) YONEYAMA Takau (Meiji University, Hitotsubashi University) (7/23, 2024)
May 24, 2024
33rd MIMS/CMMA Seminar on Self–Organization, Speaker: Olaf Karthaus (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology), Hideshi Ooka (RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science), Yasumasa Nishiura (Hokkaido University, Chubu University, Tohoku University), J. Nobuhiko Suematsu (Meiji University) (6/25, 2024)
May 17, 2024
ICMMA 2024: International Conference on "Self-organization in Life and Matter" The web page is now available. On site only (5/9-11, 2024)
April 1, 2024
Seminar on Nonlinear: 24th Seminar "The stability-compactness method and qualitative properties of nonlinear equations" Henri Berestycki (EHESS, University of Maryland) (4/8, 2024)
February 27, 2024
ICMMA 2023: Lecture Notes are now available for download. "International Conference on Reaction-diffusion systems: from the past to the future" — in memory of Prof.Masayasu Mimura —
February 26, 2024
“Tasting is Believing ~Can a Low-Sodium Diet Still Deliver Savor?” featuring Prof. MIYASHITA Homei was published on The Wall Street Journal
February 20, 2024
Prof. MIYASHITA Homei’s Laboratory, Received the Science Council of Japan President's Award at the "Japan Open Innovation Prize" event by the Cabinet Office for the development of a technology that enhances the salty taste of low-sodium food approximately 1.5 times via stimulation and for " Electric Salt " that uses this technology
February 8, 2024
Cafe Seminar, "Investigating Essential Factors for Cooperative Transport in Ants" Speaker: HISAMOTO, Shumpei (Meiji University) (2/7, 2024)
January 15, 2024
Interdisciplinary Seminar on Topology and Its Applications, "Some mathematical treatments of flat foldable and/or rigid foldable origami" Hiroko Murai (Nara Women's University) *Online: Zoom Webinar (2/15, 2024)
January 12, 2024
Seminar on Nonlinear: 23th Seminar "Turing patterns in reaction-diffusion systems of topological signals" Riccardo Muolo (Tokyo Institute of Technology) * Hybrid Webinar: Registration is required for online participants. (1/17, 2024)
January 9, 2024
"Active Matter Workshop 2024" The Collaborative research symposium, Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications, Joint Usage / Research Center (1/26~27, 2024)  
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