MIMS / CMMA 折紙式プリンターと数理の融合研究講演会

MIMS / CMMA 折紙式プリンターと数理の融合研究講演会





会場:明治大学中野キャンパス6階 研究セミナー室3

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15:00~15:20 阿部綾 (明治大学)

15:20~15:40 Maria Savchenko (明治大学)
     “Finite element simulation of robotic origami folding”

Dynamic and kinematic behavior of the robot arms in forming the 3D origami objects is modelled by using the finite element method (FEM) in LS-DYNA solver. For simulating, two forms of origami are considered: flexible, if bending is used for paper folding, and rigid, if origami patterns are considered as the kinematic systems.

15:50~16:20 安田博実、梁鎭奎 (米国ワシントン大学)
      “Wave Dynamics in Origami-based Mechanical Metamaterials”

we show unique wave dynamics in origami-based mechanical metamaterials composed of Triangulated Cylindrical Origami (TCO). Particularly, we demonstrate that the TCO platforms can serve as an ideal testbed to form and propagate a variety of linear and nonlinear mechanical waves. First, under harmonic excitations, the TCO system can show frequency band structures, which lead to the selective transmission and rejection of certain frequency components. We explain this mechanism by using linear wave dynamics. Second, given a strong external impact condition, we observe that the TCO-based system can create a tensile solitary wave, which propagate ahead of the initial compressive wave. We experimentally validate and theoretically prove this counter-intuitive phenomenon by using nonlinear wave principles. The unique wave dynamics presented in this talk can be exploited to design novel origami-based engineering devices which can handle vibrations and impact in an efficient and tunable manner.

16:20~16:40 奈良 知惠 (明治大学) 「厚板箱の折畳み」

16:40~17:00 萩原一郎 (明治大学) 「折紙工学の現状と課題」