主催: 明治大学先端数理科学インスティテュート(MIMS)


  MIMS/CMMA Czech-Japanese Seminar in Applied Mathematics 2013 (CJS2013)


Date: September 5th -- 8th, 2013
Place: Meiji University, Nakano Campus,

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  MIMS/CMMA Two Days ReaDiLab Workshop 【Poster】

Date: July 23rd, 24th 2013
Place: Meiji University, Nakano Campus, 6th floor 601

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 Program :

July 23rd
10:00~10:40 Kota Ikeda
 Interactions of traveling spots in a reaction‐diffusion system

10:50~11:30 Harunori Monobe
 On a free boundary problem related to cell motility

14:00~14:40 Tommaso Scotti
 A three‐species system with a toxic prey

14:50~15:30 Shu‐ichi Kinoshita
 Spiral formation in heterogeneous discretized excitable media

15:40~16:20 Jong‐Shenq Guo
 Quenching behavior for a singular predator‐prey model

July 24th
10:00~10:40 Nobuhiko J. Suematsu
 Self‐propelled particles driven by chemical energy

10:50~11:30 Ekeoma Rowland Ijioma
 Kinetic and material property effects in reverse filtration combustion of a dual porosity medium

14:00~14:40 Hisashi Inaba
 On a pandemic threshold theorem of the early Kermack–McKendrick model with individual heterogeneity

14:50~15:30 Danielle Hilhorst
 On the omega‐limit set of a nonlocal evolution equation